Responsive email design templates

Its a fact that today we are in a new era of internet enabled devices and with the constant release of new browsing devices its more important than every to be delivering your content in the best possible format. This brings up the topic of responsive email design templates.

Responsive design has been around for a while now and we are seeing more and more websites be created in this way. If you haven’t heard of this term before it’s quite simple. Responsive design is a process of designing and building a website (or email) that ‘responds’ to the different device the user is using to access the content. For example they might be using and iPhone or a desktop PC. Designing and developing using this method means you have one website or email that adapts depending on the screen size, resolution or orientation.

There are numerous benefits in responsive design. The biggest are:

  • One single code base to manage
  • Easier updates in the future
  • Your visitors get a consistent experience
  • Your brand / company is one step ahead of the competition

Instant Inbox not only supports responsive email templates but allows you to have the personalisation you require when communicating with your audience.


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